Accessibility Statement


Litton Mill is situated in the heart of the Peak District in Millers Dale. The apartment sleeps 4 guests in 2 double bedrooms. The apartment is suitable for people with limited mobility, but is unfortunately unsuitable for wheelchair users due to a number of steps to the front door. Once within the apartment, everything is on one level. Although some of the walks from the front door become steep, and can be prone to flooding, there are also a number of level walks which would be suitable for people with limited mobility.


Arrival and Car Parking Facilities


Main Entrance and Reception

Entrance to the mill is via the blue doors as shown below

front doors

This leads to the entrance hall as shown below

entrance hall

There are now 7 steps, each 15cm in height. Unfortunately there is no hand rail but there is a central area that can be used to lean/sit on. Turning the corner at the top of these steps, there are a further 4 steps, 18cm in height as shown below. There is a wooden hand rail along the side of these. The reception area is lit at all time.


Once inside the apartment, there is a carpeted reception area, with matting cover. This has coat and shoe storage.

Public Areas - General (Internal)


Public Areas - WC






Bathroom, Shower Room and WC


Self catering kitchen


Fire and safety information


Grounds and Garden


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Future plans